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RomesFans was created with the idea that quality over quanity should be our focus. A lot of our competitors use bots and scripts at such low prices that people who use their service end up wasting money. We provide the real thing, and always do it by the book. Still not convined? Click the link the below to read more about us.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

If your question has not been answered below please submit a ticket and we will do our best to answer your question.

Why do you verify orders over $50?

Due to people stealing credit cards and paypal accounts we require any order over $50 be verified. We use a service called MaxMind, and they handle all verification processes. You might receive a phone call in order for you to finish paying for your order. The phone call is automated and will give you a 4-digit number that you enter on the billing screen. If the code is correct you will be transfered to the payment gateway where you make your payment and your order goes through!

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunetly due to us having to go through our partner's network we are unable to give out refunds. We incur expenses that must be paid in order for us to use the network. If you are unsatisfied with a service we provide the only reimbursement we can give is 3 months free advertising on our RomesBlog.net website.

What happens if my site goes down during a order?

We are not responsible for your website or page. We cannot refund your money either as we have already incurred expenses by submitting your order to our partner's network. Any loss in Traffic, fans, followers, and views is not our fault and not our responsibility. We will not make sure your site is up and running before we submit an order; that is your job.

How do we provide you with web traffic?

We go through our partner's network of websites that houses hundreds of different niches which are called publishers, these publishers allow us to host your ad on their website. Your ads will be published in the form a pop-under advertisement. This pop-under advertisement will load as soon as a user goes onto a specific page and will land behind the users browser, so that when the page is closed, your ad is still visible for the user to see. This is far better than static ads as your ad will be the only one the user sees when they close their browser.

How do you get Facebook, Youtube and Twitter users to follow me?

The same with the web traffic, our partner's network of sites which we use to advertise your page. Once you order from us we send your ad through our network of sites which best represent your page whether it be Facebook, Twitter or youtube to gain better results. All fans, followers and views are 100% human, not bot!

Are all of your packages guaranteed?

Of course! No matter what package you order we won't stop till the order has been fulfilled. In most cases we send additional traffic to ensure you A) you get the most value for your money. B) ensure we have delivered your entire package.

How does it take for a order to be completed?

Generally it takes between 3-4 days to complete an order. Bigger orders might require more time but generally within a few days your order should be complete. View product time-frames below to get a better idea:

How come my order was rejected?

There are a couple of different reasons why your order may have been rejected. Some of the reasons may be that you have insufficient funds available to complete the purchase, your purchase may have been flagged by PayPal or our in-house accounts team as a possibly fraudulent purchase or on a very rare occasion, PayPal may have stopped our payments as we need to provide them with further verification. This happens from time to time as PayPal have very strict rules and constantly require additional information from companies and companies that have a large sales volume.

What payment processor do you use?

We use PayPal as it is a trusted payment processor across the globe and provides you with a secure page for you to make your payment. There may be a small payment fee included on top of your purchase for either currency conversion or general PayPal fees, but most of the time we cover this for you.

Do I need a Paypal account?

Don’t worry! PayPal will allow you to check out even if you do not yet have an account with them. When you hit the order now button and go through to the next page, it will generally give you the option to checkout without an account. We do advise you to create an account if you do not have one as you may wish to purchase from us again or purchase from other online stores which use PayPal as their primary payment method.

Are you affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube?

No, we are not affiliate with Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube.

This product safe?

Yes, we completely comply with all the rules Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have. Our services are safe to use.

What is RomesBlog.net?

RomesBlog is a gaming blog dedicated to all things gaming. RomesBlog is another website operated by the owner of RomesFans.

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